Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Dead Man Walking...

More than three players were targeted during the summer and in the end, only one emerge as United signing, Belgian midfielder Marouane Fellaini! Thank goodness at least there is one catch. Fellaini is one also a target for Sir Alex Ferguson once. I think we need his aerial prowess and aggressiveness in the midfield which United are severely lacking since Keane left the building. I reckon Fellaini will be a superb signing for United.
However United signed off on a bitter note when a deal for Athletico’s Herrera looked almost set, failed. United new chief and board of staff inexperience were to be blame for this silly move. United had months to conclude a deal for a player they wanted but they chose to waste time on Fabregas. They should have moved on after the second bid and start looking elsewhere. My question was, why was Herrera move at the very last minute?? United should have known that the pursuit of Baines and Fabregas seemed to nowhere. United chief should have at least been aware of Europe’s taxation legislation that every club should abide. Why wait till the last minute only to have a deal collapse due to such reason?! This should not happened!!! Poor Herrera had even agreed to receive a pay cut just to sign for United. Now he has to face his team mates yet again, making him look like a donkey. Such failures in signings marquee player this season certainly did not do any favour in United’s reputation. All the trash talking of United spending power and the ability of afford to sign any players regardless of their fees, have gone into the sewer drain.
Damn those Gooners fans definitely have something to shout about….Mesut Ozil…my word! He’s an absolute class, captured at the very last few hours of the closing transfer window. Why hadn’t United made enquiry on him earlier rather than wasting time for Fabregas.
Now that summer transfer window are shut for good, many find that a club as big as Manchester United are a laughing stock rather than a club who has made an exceptional signing. Well not all big signing eventually became champions. Look at Manchester City and Real Madrid, these two clubs spent on players as if they p

More than three players were targeted during the summer and in the end, only one emerge as United signing, Belgian midfielder Marouane Fellaini! Thank goodness at least there is one catch. Fellaini is one also a target for Sir Alex Ferguson once. I think we need his aerial prowess and aggressiveness in the midfield which United are severely lacking since Keane left the building. I reckon Fellaini will be a superb signing for United.
However United signed off on a bitter note when a deal for Athletico’s Herrera looked almost set, failed. United new chief and board of staff inexperience were to be blame for this silly move. United had months to conclude a deal for a player they wanted but they chose to waste time on Fabregas. They should have moved on after the second bid and start looking elsewhere. My question was, why was Herrera move at the very last minute?? United should have known that the pursuit of Baines and Fabregas seemed to nowhere. United chief should have at least been aware of Europe’s taxation legislation that every club should abide. Why wait till the last minute only to have a deal collapse due to such reason?! This should not happened!!! Poor Herrera had even agreed to receive a pay cut just to sign for United. Now he has to face his team mates yet again, making him look like a donkey. Such failures in signings marquee player this season certainly did not do any favour in United’s reputation. All the trash talking of United spending power and the ability of afford to sign any players regardless of their fees, have gone into the sewage!
Damn those Gooners fans definitely have something to shout about….Mesut Ozil…my word! He’s an absolute class, captured at the very last few hours of the closing transfer window. Why hadn’t United made enquiry on him earlier rather than wasting time for Fabregas.

Now that summer transfer window are shut for good, many find that a club as big as Manchester United are a laughing stock rather than a club who has made an exceptional signing. Well not all big signing eventually became champions. Look at Manchester City and Real Madrid, these two clubs spent on players as if they print their own money. Yes, it’s really great being a City or Real Madrid fan seeing different players signed in whenever a transfer window opens. But Barcelona have achieved far better results than Real Madrid in recent years. Manchester City won the league two seasons ago but were unable to lift up to their expectations a season later. And to make their matter worst, their beloved manager sent packing.
Frankly after this disappointing summer transfer, Manchester United will definitely struggle this season with even teams like Tottenham and Liverpool have added excellent surplus into their squad. As much as I am a United fan, this season a new champion will rise.
I hope Manchester United’s backroom staff learnt a piece or two following the failing yet disappointing summer transfer and come back strong in the January transfer, should they require an addition. Well at least Moyes got a Hershey’s kiss with a big hair. Just wake up and smell the coffee Moyes, don’t get too excited for the Champions League. Pray hard that Fellaini will fill in the big shoes. As much disappointing as I am, I can’t wait to see Fellaini In United shirt in the next game. All the best, Buddy! Moyes….good luck this season coz as of now to most of the Red Devil fans, you’re as good as a dead man walking…. 

Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's My Say On...Liverpool vs Manchester United...So Piss Off!

Saw the starting line up and all I can see, it's the typical Fergie's line-up yet again. Nani was available but Ashley Young started. Kagawa was available but Giggs was chosen. Chicharito is better than Welbeck,  but Welbeck made the cut for the team.
Honestly I am not a big fan Ashley Young. He gets excited often over the ball even when there's no one around him.
Short summary for the first half, United had couple of chances but due to damn poor corner takings and crosses especially from Young, lead the attacks to nowhere. Liverpool looked the better and I had to admit it but they deserved the lead into the half time.
Match resumes and United wonder boy, Carrick almost got himself red carded early in the 2nd half. Don't worry United faithful, Carrick will still win the Man of the Match tonight, even when he sucked like everyday.
Van Persie was having a good game so far but he was provoked by the not-so-red players. Phil Jones got injured in the first half, replaced by Valencia added spice into United's attack. If only Rooney was fit to play against his most hated club.
I can't stand a minute anymore watching Young on the field. Moyes, please replace him immediately!! The referee doesn't seem to be in favour to United, he yellow carded almost every United player. What's wrong with you, Ref?!
An hour has past, the home team looked quite comfortable so far. My prayers were answered when Young was replaced by Nani in the 62min. Nani will always be my first choice over Young. Sell Young back Aston Villa, I'm sure they missed him.
Manchester United's ball possession increased and Nani first corner taking almost lead to a goal by Giggs.
Liverpool substitute Sterling got jealous of Valencia perfect vision and nearly took his eyes off his skull.
Soon after, another prayer answered in the 72mins as old bird Giggs was taken off and replaced by Javier Hernandez...
Certainly Liverpool looked a better team than last season but only time will tell...
Nani's thundering shot in 76th minute nearly took Liverpool's goalkeeper hands off...what a chance that was!
United fans looked anxious as the match clock's ticking...could this be United's first lost of the season or...
Coutinho had a good game, got replaced by Luis Alberto in the 83rd min.
Van Persie nearly equalised from Hernandez pass...oh what a miss?! Attacks after attacks came in and still Liverpool leading. Free kick awarded after Cleverly was taken down heavily by Agger. RVP stood in front of the ball...yet no equalise. Liverpool were surprisingly strong to the end and with the help of referee on their side. 5 additional minutes into the injury time. No chance now...
Congratulation on your first lost, Moyes! Let's be stingy and not sign any players while other clubs are improving, Manchester United are digging themselves deeper into their own grave!!! Don't forget to carry on with your trash talking on new players!

Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Master of Puppet

Second game for United into a brand new season of the Premier League 2013/14 and to be honest I see no sign of new management, no new tactics, no new style of play – just plain old boring Fergie style of football. I began to wonder if Moyes is a reincarnation of Alex Ferguson. Or Ferguson is still managing team behind the curtains, “puppeting” Moyes?? Yes they have won one and drew one but seriously, there were no bloody improvement on the team! The club has an eclectic pool of young talent at Moyes disposals yet he is not deploying them. Even with much ball possession, United never look comfortable throughout at least 50% of the game.
Let’s start with the last game against Chelsea. United attacks were superb with Rooney pairing with RVP, tearing Chelsea’s defence, only to be shortened by the lack of creative in the midfield area. Ever so reliable Welbeck & Chicharito were always excellent covers should the front two got injured. Prior to this, It is no stranger to millions of Die-Hard United fans that United midfield are super-lacking of its killer passing, creative midfield except 2 of them – Sir Alex Ferguson & David Moyes. United has Kagawa, Zaha, Nani even Anderson and yet Moyes is using Valencia and Giggs. Valencia weren’t as good as he previously was. Not that I am asking to ignore him totally or to sell him. We all know what Valencia is capable of just make him work for his place against the likes of Nani, Zaha & Young. Give Zaha a chance to prove his worth. Zaha & Nani played well during the pre-seasons. I’m not saying that Giggs should retire, Giggsy has always been very reliable but the last match while Chelsea have began to worn out, Welbeck should be replaced by Kagawa instead of Giggs.
And why was our Kagawa not given much play time since Moyes took over? Is he not good enough in the eyes of David Moyes?! C'mon...no one in the current Everton squad has better capabilities than our fine Samurai. Or I questioned myself sometimes...has Moyes really seen what Kagawa is capable of?

Another player is Phil Jones, he is becoming more of a clown recently. Often very clumsy with his donkey passes and silly tackles. I was very excited when Phil Jones joined United. He started very well in his first season but somehow his playing style dipped. His clumsiness is somewhat similar to Mikael Silvestre. I always bet Phil Jones will be an excellent England defender but sad but true now I kind of prefer Smalling to Jones.

Rio, Vidic & Evra, in spite of their catching age, they were superb and lasted throughout 90mins. Well done lads!!

In recent conference, Moyes made a confession that lack of creativity & fine final touches cost United not to bag 3 points against Chelsea. Took him awhile to realise this. Only days away until the transfer window closes. Will Moyes really pumping in new blood? Or is he sticking with whatever he has for now?

Here are the two possibilities and probably reunion parties;

Fellaini – Young & strong Belgian with the ability to score. Good in the air. Definitely a surplus, in my opinion, of course. It’s about time they find Carrick a replacement. Carrick is becoming terrible passer of late. His tackles were as bad. Like I have said many times, to me Carrick is just an over-rated player.

Baines – We’ve already got Lightning Evra, Bad boy Buttner and Samba Kid Fabio. Unless Moyes wants him Baines in Giggs’ position, left winger.

My worries are Ashley Young who is an injury prone and Valencia, hope he can pick up where he left off 2 seasons ago.

What United need are creative midfielders. Please don’t get rejected player from Madrid or Barcelona. Manchester United Football Club is a worldwide icon with great resources and establishment. I believe United scouts team have a major task to do now if they want to find untapped young Cristiano Ronaldo, young Zidane, young Ronaldinho, young Robben, young Ribery and other youngsters like them. Someone like Santiago Munez from the movie Goal, an example of what all rich clubs should be doing – tapping young unknown talents and not from bloodsucking clubs demand for ridiculous price for their good players unless you really have the money, of course.
This is Moyes first season, I extremely suggest Moyes not to sleep at all for the next 5/6 days, put on his thinking cap and seriously consider 1 or 2 quality & creative players coz if he fails to sign any of these players, he’ll soon to realise that next season’s arm emblem will not be gold one anymore. Imagine Jose Mourinho were to be Red Devils manager, he’ll definitely be making massive changes!

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wayne Rooney...Be Gone or Not Be Gone??

Rooney keep on giving stupid excuses and has been reacting like a child lost his pacifier, he clearly does not have the heart to play for the club anymore. If he is crazy enough to move to Chelsea, good luck to him. No one should stop him. Just let this goofy go if he insists. His stinking attitude might indirectly pull the rest of the team down, psychologically.

If he desires to move to Chelsea, I hope he achieves what Torres has achieved during his time in the Stamford Bridge...transfer flop of the year 2013/14.

I hate when a player like Rooney who has everything sorted out for him in the club and eventually wants out of the club. If he wants to get out of the club, he should state his intentions clearly and get lost from the club like what Ronaldo did to United. Yes Ronaldo have said many times before he left that it was his dream to play for Real Madrid. Imagine if Ronaldo have not played for Manchester United, would Real Madrid sign him from Sporting CP?? Maybe yes maybe no, who would have known?! Now that Real Madrid president wants Ronaldo to retire at Real Madrid. So much for a player who missed Manchester United...ya right!!

If it is never about the money...go play for free then!!

Moyes First Few Rough Steps

Life is not greener on the other side...
3 games in charged, lost to Thailand, won against Australia and recently lost again to a Japanese Club, Yokohama. Moyes is surely wetting in his pants right now or he'll be trying to play it cool by saying it is just another warm up game.

Already having his second bid rejected for Cesc Fabregas and was warned-off by Barca's club president, rumours saying that he going to bid for the third bid. Why are United still proposing to the bride who is not interested at all?! Quit it!! Quick go find other better and cheaper players before they were all snapped up instead of concentrating on one idiot who is not interested to join United! Like I have mentioned in my previous post, there are billions of amazing football talent from around the world, why only one man?! Other clubs are moving forward. I hope David Moyes utilises his younger squad and able to tap some rare talents and push them up to first team squad.

Let's see what's Moyes plan for his next game, still in Japan, against Cerezo Osaka. To me it is okay to lose in the pre-seasons as long as the whole squad benefits from the losing lesson...dig it??

Monday, 22 July 2013

Thiago, Fabregas, Bale and what's next??

Why is Manchester United Football Club, the most popular club in the world need stuck up/rejected players? Clearly Thiago was a rejected player by Barcelona. He is young yet no place in the Barca squad? Blame it on Xavi and Iniesta, c’mon guys if Thiago is really that good, Barca would never let him go even at €350m. Xavi and Iniesta are reaching to their golden ages leaving Fabregas behind.

And after the rumours of failure to pursuit for Thiago signature, United desperately wants to land Cesc Fabregas. Fabregas clearly does not want to play for United…not in a million years! And United are still trying to bid after bid for this kind of player? Makes no sense really!!
Then comes Bale, after his sad ambition to play for Real Madrid went flushed down the toilet, recently claimed that he would welcome a chance to play for United? Is United really a second choice club nowadays?? Really, really makes no sense…this pure rubbish!!!

There are SO many fishes in the ocean, why do they only want Spanish Snappers?? No, seriously there are millions of untapped talent all over the world that United should look up for and the best thing is they do not need to pay hefty price for these rare, special talents. Why couldn’t they get more players like Ronaldo?? Buttner was also another good example. To be honest, I was pretty excited when I got to know that United brought Bebe from a small club in Portugal. I began searching in YouTube for his name. After watching his video, my anticipation grows. I can’t wait to see him play. When Sir Alex fielded him the first time, yes he was very raw but not many realised that he is an uncut diamond. He has the skills, the built and definitely the looks of a killer striker. But due to not many chance were given, he was loaned out.

United don’t need to spend billions of dollars on players, they are already heavy debt why dig deeper?! If no talents could be spotted outside, this is the opportunity to raise the dead legs from the second team. We have wasted many young talents over the years and become world class individuals. Give the current young squad like Jesse Lingard, Wilfred Zaha, Adnan Januzaj and company have their chance. Let them make mistakes. Thru mistakes they will learn to play harder and better in their next games ahead.

But if Moyes insist in signing a marquee player or two, that is his tactics. I am just an ordinary yet super United fan that can do nothing about it but to continue to support Manchester United, only if you are being a true United fan!

Friday, 12 July 2013

Beginning of the Pre-Season 2013/14

1st July 2013, David Moyes walks into the Theater of Dreams with hopes and ambitions. He recently went through a press conference and was praised for his strong yet calm response to the press. Well this is no Everton...THIS IS MANCHESTER UNITED!! We'll see if he does better than Sir Alex Ferguson when Ferguson took charge somewhere 27 years ago. All the very best, Moyes!!

It already been a week since the pre-season has started and football clubs in the English Premier League have been busy in the transfer market.

Tottenham Hotspurs have snapped up 24 year old strong Brazilian midfielder Paulinho from Corinthians. Paulinho played a big part of the Confederations Cup tournament and helped Brazil to become Champions. A great catch I must say. AVB really knows how to go under the radar.

Well Moyes has not only been under the radar but he has claimed that United are really working hard to sign marquee who can make a difference behind the curtains. Too bad Moyes, I think you might have just missed the bus with Thiago in it. Yet again another huge publicity transfer almost turned into ashes. There were reports saying that Pep Guardiola (Bayern Munich) has triggered Thiago release fee and apparently talks were believed to be on the way soon. Bravo ManUtd, all of us in the world have realised that United midfielders were not up to their game whenever competing against other major European clubs.

All these talks about Thiago's father has agreed on a 5 or 6 year deal and all...are pure rubbish!!

Anyway, it ain't over till it's over, right? Thiago's possible transfer to Bayern Munich is as good as staying behind at Barcelona. He will still have to compete for his place in the first eleven. To be honest and to make life simpler for Thiago, it's stay with Barca and wait for his time to come or Manchester United, where he will immediately get more games.

Saturday, 6 July 2013

FIFA Confederation Cup Final 2013 - Brazil vs Spain

Kick off and in the 2nd minutes Brazil took a lead 1-0 scored by Fred. Based on the first 10mins, it looked like the Samba Boys are back! Yeah they had the home advantage but they looked quite solid in overall. Spain were not bad themselves either. Their defender Arbeloa was almost red carded in the 14th minute when he was the last man and brought down Neymar. Fortunately he was only shown the yellow card. Brazil players and fans were furious with the refs decision. Spain never rested since Brazil took the lead, they were coming strong, attacks after attacks. In the 27th minute Ramos received a yellow card for bringing down Chelsea's Oscar right at the edge of the penalty box. Fred almost double his goal tally and Brazil's lead in the minutes 31st but Casillas superbly stopped it with his left foot. Both Xavi, Juan Mata and Aniesta used all their master cheats and tricks, trying to equalise before the half time but Brazil defence were rock solid at the back.

Am I the only one who sees Chelsea's brazilian defender David Luiz looks like Giovanni from the favourite classic TV sitcom Mind Your Language?!

Barcelona's Pedro nearly equalised for Spain in the 40th minute but David Luiz slided across the goal mouth only to stop the ball from crossing the line.

Brazil geared up and increased their lead 2-0 to the half time, goal rammed in by Brazil's current beloved homeboy Neymar's assisted by Oscar. Spain looked to have more possession in the first half but Brazil played better football in the first half and took every chances they possibly can.

While waiting for the teams to move in from the tunnel, videoman took shots from both supporters stands....mostly women! The Rio De Janeiro stadium were only about 95% full. It was one of the match of the decade, why no full house?

2nd half kicked in and Brazil immediately extend their lead by Fred's 2nd of the night to Brazil 3 Spain 0. Wow!! No one would have expected this kind of score line especially when the numbers were against Spain. How long more could Spain endure the pain?!

53rd minute, newly sub J.Navas earned Spain a penalty but R.Madrid's Ramos placed it wide off the post. The score remained 3-0. Spain never gave up and were still going strong but Brazilian goalkeeper were equally superb.

67th minute, Neymar were again brought down, this time by former Manchester United player Piqué. Referee showed him the way out of the field and Spain were down to 10 men! Poor Shakira was watching from the VIP stand when his men got red carded.

Brazil looked to have brought the game to a lower speed and their national coach Luis Felipe Scolari never looked happy. He demanded better response to his player from his dug hole.

Fred couldn't claim his hat trick when he was substituted Jo in the 78th minute.

80th minute, Spain almost got a consolation goal but yet again was stopped by the evergreen Julio Cesar. Spain remained resilient but the looked exhausted. Both Xavi and Aniesta looked to have lost of ideas. Sometimes these red card decision spoils the beauty of a game unless it is really a nasty tackle.

Already in its stoppage time after the 90th minute, Brazil looked set to win the tournament and yes they did. Neymar, Fred and Julio Cesar each deserved the man of the match award for the night.

Brazil were crowned champions of the FIFA Confederation Cup 2013!

Saturday, 29 June 2013

Everton Reunion in Old Trafford??

Manchester United had their £15m bid rejected for Everton's finest left back, Leighton Baines and they are coming back with a larger bid - £20m! My word....£20m for a 29 year old left back? Isn't there any younger players out there?? The U-20s World Championship & Confederation Cup are just over, I'm sure there are more than one who outshines the rest....SCOUT & SIGN THEM INSTEAD! What's wrong these clubs nowadays?! I've seen better potential, cheaper and younger players from the lower leagues crying out loud, trying to reach the big clubs to sign them.

Wouldn't it better if a rich club from the Premier League pay the lower leagues more money for their players and provide support, and encourage home grown players to perform better? This way England will always have an eclectic pool of young talents for the national squad hence making them a strong England team ahead! Although I have been living in Singapore for 35 years, I have always wanted England to lift the World Cup or at least the Euro Cup. The Premier League has an excellent range of foreign talents but I always believe that the Three Lions have the potential to be European Champions & World Champions!
Patrice Evra is rumored to leave Manchester United for Monaco AS and that could be the reason for the signing of Baines. Whatever it is, I hope Moyes is able to rotate his left future left backs, likes of Fabio and Buttner, should Baines arrives to Old Trafford. Or they'll be 2 very unhappy left backs.

Recently, there were reports of Argentinian defender Ezequiel Garay from Benfica went house hunting in Manchester. Some reliable source report that Garay could be on the verge of signing for United with growing injury worries over Vidic, Ferdinand, Smalling last season. United have failed to keep clean sheets many times throughout the season with the absence of their quality defenders. Look at the last season's last game against West Brom, what a terrible score line...5-5! It is really unfair for those who have bought the home season tickets, just to watch them play badly after winning the Premier League title.

Friday, 28 June 2013

On The Way To Old Trafford...

Barcelona young starlet Thiago Alcantara could be on his way to Old Trafford after an agreement has been reached between his father and the Manchester United. Transfer looks almost set.

However Barca is not letting go one of their priciest young starlet easy. Better contracts were tabled as persuasion but the hat-trick hero from the Under-20s final insists more games which apparently Barca were unable to give, with Xavi & Aniesta as their preferred choice for the first team squad. Thiago wants first team football badly and moving to Manchester United not only guarantees him first team football but also Champions League football. And with United in need of strength in the midfield department, he'll definitely get his chance.

He's in need of games as he wants to break into the ranks of Spain Senior Team for the upcoming World Cup 2014 in Brazil. The only question, is Thiago Alcantara for sure coming to United? Or will there be another great U-turn or a silly detour. I hope he signs for United soon!

Lucky Number 7

The great number 7 jersey of Manchester United Football Club, worn by some of the greatest footballers in the world throughout the decades and has never failed to deliver whenever they are on field. I believed there were older player who wore number 7 jersey and played outstandingly but was not recognised. Back then, our forefathers were mainly focused and enjoyed pure madness of football. In a modern world like today, with all the current technology and social network everyone wants to get a piece of everything from literally everywhere. It is really convenient nowadays. Football players get connected with fans much easier and most of them actually share their personal daily life of activity with everyone who choose to follow them. Most sports athletes today are introduce into the world glamorously, to the extend of becoming celebrity. Some even are as popular as a movie star. So long as the players are comfortable, no one else should really matter.

Number 7 jersey, all began during the years of the late legend George Best. Born in the year 1946, the Northern Irish winger played most of his professional career in Manchester United during 1963 to 1974 before scattering himself into numerous clubs. Some were comparing him to the current evergreen Ryan Giggs. He must really be that good. However I was not born during his era of football with Manchester United therefore I would not dare to write much about him but one thing for sure he is in the list of the legends.

The number 7 jersey was then passed to Bryan Robson. Yet another sad story, I was only 3 years old when he played for The Red Devils. He was already in his ripe aged when I first witnessed him in a United shirt. Soon after he was transferred to Middlesbrough to become player-manager for about 3 seasons.

The legacy continued and left a huge boot for the next one to fit in. It was none other than Eric Cantona. This fellow needs no introduction when he was on the field. Big flamboyant French definitely proudly wore his shirt and ruled the field like he owns it. He shocked the world when he retired at an early age, leaving with a statement that he wanted to leave the game while his name was at the top. Sad for United fans but after some time I think he really made a wise choice.

Leaving under the shadows of Eric Cantona was young David Beckham. Beckham was wearing number 28 then. He worked his rank up and became United's very own grown prodigy. I can't explain why he was sold to Real Madrid. He had a bust up with Ferguson for some ridiculous personal reasons which I thought Ferguson shouldn't be too involved in. Well that was history, now both of them have retired.

Then came Cristiano Ronaldo from Sporting Clube de Portugal which is also known as Sporting Lisbon, signed for £12m pounds. In no time, he shone very brightly in the field with dazzling feet. His immediate impact soon made his manager played him often. One defender after another, he split open them. Suddenly all the direct free kicks were assigned to him. His rocket speed free kicks almost tore the goal net and often kept goalkeeper rooted to the ground. He was loved by Sir Alex Ferguson with his manager saying Ronaldo was of a son figure to him. Even before signing for United, it had always been his dream to play for Real Madrid. Real Madrid signed Ronaldo for a record breaking fee of £80m. After the sale of Cristiano Ronaldo, Ronaldo were sorely missed by his Manchester United fans but not too long after United came back with a bang and overcame his absence.

The latest player to wear the famous number 7 shirt is Antonia Valencia. He was given the honour after his brilliant display in season 2011/12. Complete winger with old fashion style of play running through the defence with no flair but he was really good. Sir Alex often made him a right back whenever Rafael's injured and he made a great replacement. However in 2012/13 season, his lacklustre performance has made fans wonder if he deserve to wear the number 7 jersey.

In my opinion, shouldn't a jersey just be a jersey? Numbers on jersey should not be treated as a superstition beliefs. Some players chose their beloved preferred numbers on the back of their jersey probably because it signifies certain important memories to them. Most importantly for all football players, managers and fans, the quality of each and every players capability to produce is the main factor rather than the numbers on their back of jersey matters!

The New Kit

Initially when I first looked at Manchester United Home Kit during the launch at its official website, I thought I would left as disappointed as last season home kit cum table/picnic cloth. I even asked myself why was Manchester United Official website displaying kits for match officials until I saw United's logo. Honestly after having a second look, the new kit really look good. I will most definitely get a piece for myself. I am still waiting for the away kit. I hope that it will as good as last season away kit.

Now that the Under-21 European Championship are over. Will United still get their guy Thiago Alcantara knowing that his price will definitely soar after scoring hat-trick? Will David Moyes also get the other Barca guy Cesc Fabregas? Transfer market has been slow recently. Probably, it will become active once after the transfer window opens. Sometimes I just don't understand these club manager. Why don't they just make agreement with their respective targeted player and once the transfer window re-opens, sign them officially. Why are the managers from different clubs need to wait till other clubs beginning to probe first for a player and others will try to outsmart?

Meanwhile in the United dressing room, Bebe is looking for Sporting move. I guess this guy must have given up on his chance to actually play for United after all. Kevin Strootman has his sights in the Premier League even though there were report interests from Russia and Italy clubs. However his agents has clearly states that it won't be cheap to bring him over. If he's really good, why bother about the transfer fee? But if he's an ordinary player with ordinary talent, PSV can keep his player. This is a fact! 

Nani has remain calm over his future at Old Trafford, even though he has a year left in his contract remaining. Also at the moment, there are no rich club are showing any interest in him but if there were, he would definitely be flying over in lightning flash! Seriously many of us know how good he can be and hope he's able to capture his driving form and keep himself away from the nursing room. I am sure Moyes will want him in his first eleven squad. All the best Nani!

My Fantasy, My Theater of Dreams...

It has always been my childhood dream to go to London because of the London Bridge nursery rhyme, and till today I still can't get the song right. Whatever it is, ever since I knew Manchester United Football Club during my school days, I don't really want to know if the London bridge is falling down or not. I just want to go to Sir Matt Busby Way, Old Trafford, Manchester. Attend the Manchester United tour, visit the official merchandise shop and watch the guys train or a live match. I know I have to save up big time as flight ticket prices here in my country will not only burn ones pocket but can burn oneself! Dead serious it's bloody costly. My only option as an ordinary guy is only save up. I wish I could have won an all expense-paid to my dream destination...I wish...and yup, for now the picture below is the closest I can get!

Anyway, Spain has again dominated in the world of football. This time it's the under-21 squad. With Manchester United target Barcelona attacking midfielder, bagging a hat-trick and United no.1 man between the goalpost, to lift the Under-21 Championships Cup beating Italy Under-21 with the score 4-2. I can't watch due to no televised here but seriously are there any other country that can run them over? Or these guys just won't stop bullying anyone who come across them? At the moment, it looks like it's not going to happen even their rising stars are playing really well.

During my younger years, there were Brasil with the likes of Romario, Bebeto, Dunga, Leonardo, Ronaldo, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, Denilson, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho and many more. It looked like as if it was always going to Brasil for life but look where they are now. They are just like any other ordinary team with no stars. I have been supporting Brasil even before I knew Manchester United Football Club. It's really sad seeing them lost their Samba as years passes by. I wish them all the best and I hope the junior of the above-mentioned players will eventually rule the football world again.

Right after Brasil's domination, there was France. Zinadine Zidane is as popular as Michael Jackson in the football world. Everyone wanted to either be like or played with Zidane. His infamous head-butt during the final game with Italy has somehow dimmed his limelight as the former 3 times World Player of the Year, hung his boots for good. Together with Didier Deschamps, Bixente Lizarazu, Emmanuel Petit, Youri Djorkaeff, they too looked unstoppable back then. Until nature took it's own cause, they aged!

Now the Spanish team both senior and junior squad, look like the formidable forces in all competitions. To me they are like the European Samba boys, very skillful with flair.

Old Is Not Gold For Some Cases...

Wesley Sneijder has been given the green light to leave Galatasaray after spending only one season at the Turkish club. It is either Galatasaray refuse to renew his contract and wants to make money out of him while they still can. Or he's becoming a lousy player that they had to get of him as soon as possible. If a player is really good, any club would want to extend their best crop of players. Unless you're Alex Ferguson; reject and refuse to sign Carlos Tevez on permanent contract. Only the board of chairman from Galatasaray know the real truth. Well Good Luck, Chelsea!!

Still in Turkey, Galatasaray have had their bid turned down by Manchester United for their winger Luis Nani. I'm not too sure about the reason behind the rejection. I guess Galatasaray is offering a price of a shrimp for a price of a luxurious condo. Nani was also reported to remain uncertain about his future at Old Trafford and prefers to move to La Liga rather than moving back to his native country, Portugal. I hope Moyes gets it sorted out as soon as possible with this guy. If the new boss thinks selling Nani and get his replacement is the best option. I'm behind him 100%!!!

While I was browsing the web recently, I wanted to laugh my balls off so badly when I got to know Jose Mourinho quote that he will only return to Chelsea if he returns to the Premier League. Ya right! Does he think we're kids who know nothing?! As far as I remember, he was the only manager in the world who was insisting to be Alex Ferguson successor and the new manager for the club. Now he's going back against his own words just because Alex Ferguson chose him over David Moyes. In my opinion, that's the quote of a sore loser!

Meanwhile Portugal & UK media has reported that Manchester United are on the verge on their second signing, Benfica's defender Argentinian Ezequiel Garay. I have always thought that United need to reshuffle their defenders and try to have new set of defenders as most of the regular back four injure easily. Now it's not the time to see the loyality of a player towards a club. It is about the commitment and dedication towards daily life at the club. United are still waiting over the possibility for Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was said to have demand his current club £32m-a-year contract. If this ridiculous deal doesn't pull through, I hope he is coming back to United and retires there as well.

Football Transfer Do Come Cheap Afterall...

While the giants are sleeping during pre-transfer window in the summer, Numancia midfielder Cedrick Mabwati has signed for Real Betis for a fee of 1.2 euros (approx. SGD$2.01) What can we get here in my country with an amount of $2 nowadays?! Also, Mabwati is tipped to be a hot prospect for future. Hands down, to date this is really a mother of all bargains. So damn lucky, Betis!

Robert Lewandowski has been told by his parent club that he would not be sold to their rival, Bayern Munich. Such drama and intensity in the German league. However Lewi is determined that he will play for Bayern Munich next season. With this piece of news, I doubt he is coming to Manchester United. Anyway I don’t think United would be needing another striker. RVP is still hot favourite to start first eleven for all United upcoming season matches. Like it or not by United fans, Wayne Rooney is still a Manchester United player. I don’t care what others negatives think about Rooney but I hope he’ll stay a United player till he hangs his boots. There are also the likes of the reborn baby-faced assassin from Mexico. Danny Welbeck, this lad is cracking Real Madrid defence like no one have done during the Champions League last season, only to be outdone by a referee’s horrific decision. Well, money speaks in all languages and anything can happen in football. I am not surprise if within weeks R. Lewandowski ends up in Bayern Munich soon..!

Let’s make our way back to Old Trafford (as if….) and we welcome the newest member of Manchester United- Guillermo Varela. A young 20 year old Uruguayan right full back from Penarol. I have never seen him played before but I hope is really good but he will definitely have to compete with Rafael and also his other twin Fabio who has coming back a season long. Isn’t this guy was on trial when Sir Alex Ferguson was still Man United’s boss? As much as I hate to admit it but I seriously think that Ferguson is still overshadowing players purchase and not David Moyes. C’mon Sir Alex, move on already! Let the new boss do his work!!!

Cesc Fabregas would be an excellent addition to any European club. However this particular United target…it won’t happen. Even Fabregas himself has spoken that he will not be joining Manchester United. He has the chance to reunite with his partner RVP. Imagine the formidable force it will become. Still as I have mentioned numerous times before, it has been season in, season out, United midfield looked absolutely vulnerable. Easily exposed and often terrorised by most opponents. The last game of the season against West Bromwich is a perfect example. No matter how well United capitalised the game, West Brom managed to claw back and level the game to 5-5. Even if United were already declared championship with games in hand, they should have played as per normal. Pity those who bought season tickets and those who travel across the world only to watch their favourite team played like that.

Lightning Never Strike Twice At The Same Place...

Breaking News: Paris Saint Germain or better known as PSG has offered Wayne Rooney to name his price as they are prepared to pay at least £30m to Manchester United. However, even with his uncertain future at Old Trafford, he has turn down the opportunity to play abroad as he chose to stay in England. He is reported still unhappy at United but refuses to move abroad. Where does he want to go then?? Manchester City or Arsenal or I am not even surprise if he has already set his sight at Stamford Bridge. One thing for a fact is that Jose Mourinho is a great admirer of Wayne Rooney. Should the "special one" returns to Chelsea while Rooney still keeping his options open, sparks might happen!

Let's turn our head to the Merseyside where a savage beast is resting. I'm sure you guys know who I am talking about....Luis Suarez. This Uruguayan beast has been my favourite player whenever I played the Championship Manager when I was a kid, while he was still in Ajax. Hah....anyway, Liverpool whom at first not willing to part with their striker now has demanded at least £50m for the release of their superb and infamous striker! This guy is really really good, not only on my previous Pentium 4 but literally. However he has some serious issues need sorted out before making himself one of the world's finest.

Away from the Merseyside and back to Old Trafford. Manchester United hottest starlet Adnan Januzaj has been in a centre of attention with Juventus and Spain Giants, Barcelona reportedly very interested in the 18 year old starlet.

Guillermo Varela, 20 years old Uruguayan right back from Penarol has impressed during his trial at Manchester United and could be David Moyes' first signing reported from a reliable source. Could probably be United's favourite Don Rafael back up. Let's wait and see...

Turkish Giants Galatasaray wants Luis Nani who has another year left at Old Trafford. Galatasaray is willing to match Nani's wage demand and that will be something for Nani to think about. His days are numbered with him being so inconsistent. Nani can be really at most and suddenly he's not present at the pitch. I hope if Nani decides to stay Moyes is able to tap his capabilities by letting him play often.

Radamel Falcao has confirmed to play for newly riched Monaco next season after he was signed £51m. Russian Billionaire, Dmitry Rybolovlev (pardon me if I got the name wrong) bought Monaco in the 2011 and his financial prowess has recently helped Monaco promoted back to Ligue 1. How I wish I am as filthy rich and I would invest in a bottom English league and work the team up to the Premiership. Once reached to the Premiership, I would ensure that all kit sales proceed would go to respective donation benefeciaries. Well knows...one day...


Shocking news - Manchester United has made an initial contact with Barcelona over the potential of bringing Cesc Fabregas to Old Trafford. If it really happens, how will Arsene Wenger react after Robin Van Persie and now Cesc Fabregas? Moyes wanted to sign a marquee player as his first move to stamp his existence. If Moyes gets his men, it really show much he wants to prove his ability as the new manager of the English Champions.

Many United hopefuls will be hoping for this deal to go through but there are also others who are questioning about Shinji Kagawa superb performance last season. Didn’t he deserve to be in the starting eleven & more games next season? And what about Anderson, will he be offloaded? I am sure Anderson wouldn’t want to spend another season warming the bench, if he’s fit that is. And what about Tom Cleverly, he’s getting better with more games. Where's his place then?

Wayne Rooney is still not sure of whether to stay or leave. But the soon-to-be former Man United’s Chief Executive, David Gill has remained confident that Rooney will not leave the club. That is what I seriously hoping for. It’s really difficult seeing Rooney in another team.

Marouane Fellaini quotes that he is still in the dark about the interest from Old Trafford. Can anyone tell me if this guy is coming to Old Trafford, where will Carrick play? Or Moyes prefers Fellaini to Carrick?

Well one damn good news at least I can rest assure that United will not makeshift its strikers but will most definitely revamp the midfield department, following from a reliable source that United targets Robert Lewandowski and Falcao most likely next destination to Bayern Munich and Monaco respectively.

Neymar has finally & officially chose Barcelona over Real Madrid. Wise move, I bet! However, Gareth Bale is willing listen to Real Madrid if they come knocking on his door. Imagine the wingers in Real Madrid with Ronaldo on the right and Bale on the left. But will Bale be able to perform as good in the English Premier League as in the La Liga? Careful Bale, being greedy gets you to nowhere...

Rafa Benitez has successfully removed himself from the world of hatred at Stamford Bridge to Stadio San Paolo, the home stadium for Napoli FC. While Chelsea is also looking for a manager and Jose Mourinho is tipped for a return. Not sure if his relationship with Chelsea owner, Roman Abramovich has cooled down yet though…we shall see within the next few weeks.

Manchester City is still looking for a suitable replacement for the managerial post. Former Malaga top man Manuel Pellegrini’s name has been mentioned a couple of times and his favourite players Isco wants to follow him to Manchester City. Sounds similarly like the case of Fellaini and Moyes, right? This Pelligrini guy looks like a boss of a South American Mafia, but can he speak English??

Former Arsenal and Man City defender Kolo Toure has signed for Liverpool for free. He’s 32 but I think it’s still a good catch if Toure able to find his form again.

New Boss On The Block - David Moyes

Days after Sir Alex Ferguson last game, David Moyes was named the new manager for Manchester United Football Club with a 6 years contract beginning 1st July 2013 and he’s already beginning with his transfer preparations. 

Here's a profile of the new boss;

David William Moyes was born on 25th April 1963 in Scotland. During his younger days, he has played for numerous clubs before turning himself as player-coach to player/assistant manager at Preston North End, and eventually ending his playing career.

On a bright side he has the playing experience thus making it easy for him to understand a player’s thought. On the other side, where the grass is not greener and the sky is darker, the former Everton manager has not won any silverware yet…HAH!! But with the club like Manchester United reputable and financial support, he should be getting all the support he can get and is expected to win silverware throughout his career at Old Trafford. He has raised eyebrows in recent season with his ability to turned Everton into a top  six material squad. David Moyes has to do a lot more, now that he is undertaking Manchester United.

Manchester United are already at the top with the elite team along with other Premier League big clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Spain Barcelona, Real Madrid, German Bayern Munich. Moyes task now is to make sure that the squad he is building shall maintain its current standard or make them a better team. I hope Moyes will be given all the support he can get to get the right men for his squad.

Initially I was quite surprised by the news that David Moyes was chosen as the new manager for Manchester United. I never thought that the “Special One – Jose Mourinho” would be given a miss. Mourinho was so determined to take over the role as a Manchester United manager. He spoke and hinted about it for quite a number of times. Anyway, I guess the former boss, Sir Alex, has his own ideas and preference of his replacement. David Moyes need to win the hearts of United fans quickly as there were already reports from the news of some unfaithful who want him out. Jose Mourinho recently suddenly said that United was never his destination after Real Madrid...yeah right!!

Anyway, it is really unfair to judge the new boss before the beginning of the new season. I have been told of an old rumour from an old relative of mine that even the maestro himself Sir Alex Ferguson was almost sacked, during his early days, for his under-achieving performance as the club manager. But with his determination and perseverance, he won matches after matches as beat Manchester United Football Club is the world most popular sports club. The best part is when he did it without the help from an oil tycoon or a wealthy Sheikh who doesn't know what to do with their money.

I say let’s have some confidence in this new boss, give him a chance to prove himself.

New recruit from Crystal Palace - Wilfred Zaha is already on his way to Old Trafford. There are few vulture waiting for the club to loan him out. I doubt Moyes would want to loan him with United needing the numbers in midfield for the upcoming new season challenge.

The possibilities of pumping-in new blood at the ready cash expense from the likely exit Wayne Rooney of somewhere around £30m. I hope he doesn't!

Moyes beloved Marouane Fellaini just can’t part with his former manager.

Moyes suggested that Barca’s reject 22 years old Thiago is expected to replace legend Paul Scholes.

With David Moyes - younger manager, newer strategy, stronger drive and full steam ahead the new 13/14 season!

"Au Revoir" Sir Alex Ferguson...

Completing his 1500th matches, Manchester United Football Club manager, Sir Alexander Chapman Ferguson more famously known as Sir Alex Ferguson has officially retired from his managerial duties.

Sir Alex Ferguson has honoured;

Years of Achievement
UEFA Champions League
1999, 2008
Cup Winners’ Cup
1983, 1991
European Super Cup
1983, 1991
Intercontinental Cup
FIFA Club World Cup
English Premier League (13x)
1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2011, 2013
FA Cup (5x)
1990, 1994, 1996, 1999, 2004
League Cup (4x)
1992, 2006, 2009, 2010
FA Charity/Community Shield
1990 (Shared), 1993, 1994, 1996, 1997, 2003, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2011

As much as all us United fans are going to miss him, it is always good to stroll ourselves down to Fergie's memory lane. He has made some excellent signings through his years and some don't seem to reach to his expectations.

He has brought quite a number of interesting players that helped and still helping building up Manchester United Football Club into a household name. He introduced;

Eric Cantona - a player who doesn't need any introduction when he is at the field. The flamboyant and at the approximate of 1.9m tall French came to United in the year 1992 where he scored many goals and contributed the club in many ways. It was on 25th January 1995 when he was banned for almost eight months in total and a series of hefty fines, following his famous Kung-Fu kick to a Crystal Palace fan while walking towards the tunnel after being red-carded for kicking Richard Shaw who annoyed Eric for pulling his shirt during the match. His goal scoring celebration was his signature boastful yet stylish, if you're a United fan of course.

Peter Schmeichel - big strong giant Danish goalkeeper, bought from Brondby in the year 1991 for what was described by Sir Alex himself as the "bargain of the century." His usual trademarks of spreading arms out when in a 1on1 situation often scare the hell out of most strikers. His commanding nature as a goalkeeper and tonnes of important saves has got himself elected "the World's Best Goalkeeper twice, 1992 & 1993. He eventually left United in 1999 after winning the UEFA Champions League for United. Schmeichel will always be remembered as the Great Dane of Old Trafford. 

Roy Keane – I have always remembered him as the Captain Manchester. I started following Manchester United’s captain was The Rock Steve Bruce, paired with Gary Pallister back then. Keane’s commanding leadership was the last one I have seen since. He was so rocked in the midfield. He was never afraid to step up to support his team mates. I just don’t see the commanding quality in Carrick. Yet I have been hearing Carrick has been a superb player this season…this and that…he’s ordinary, nothing special. He made schoolboy mistake most of the time. His passing was mostly abysmal last season. Former United player Owen Hargreaves had the potential but sadly his injury got the best of him. The way I see, it was so difficult finding Roy Keane’s replacement that even till today.

Ole Gunnar Solksjaer & Teddy Sheringham – These 2 last touches made them the heroes of 1999 for Manchester United overpowering Bayern to their last breath and eventually crowned Champions of Europe. Probably one of my personnel matches of all time.

I’m sure if I have to name all of them it’s just going to get on and on. There were and are still a handful of talent such as Dennis Irwin, Dwight Yorke, Ruud Van Nistelrooy and current ones like Wayne Rooney, Cristiano Ronaldo (currently with Real Madrid), Robin Van Persie, Patrice Evra, Shinji Kagawa, the tireless Park Ji-Sung, Javier Hernandez and many more…! 

In my opinion during my time, which was somewhere around 1993 onward, I think Sir Alex was seemed to have lack of confidence in his own signings. Players like Karel Poborsky, Jordi Cruyff, Jesper Blomqvist, Juan Sebastian Veron, Kleberson, Diego Forlan were a few names of those would have probably played better if were given enough playtime. Most still had so much in them unexposed.

Veron had so much quality in him but due to lack of match given to him. His brilliant skills were remained untapped.

Diego Forlan became top scorer in La Liga after he was transferred to Villarreal and top scorer again in Atletico Madrid. Why aren’t these players able to perform at United? Is it the style of play of different country style? If so, how come Ronaldo was able to adapt in both England and Spain? Gianfranco Zola and Paolo DiCanio did well in both Italy and England?

Sir Alex had the chance to sign Ronaldinho, after losing David Beckham but chose not to raise his bid. Imagine if Ronaldinho joins in back then.

His plan of not signing Carlos Tevez on a permanent deal when Tevez were a formidable force linking up Wayne Rooney was an abysmal decision. Tevez have said numerous times that he loved being at United. He played his heart out in every game for United. The way I see it Tevez was not the player he was at Manchester United when he is at Manchester City. He never looked happy playing for City. He looked disappointed during his last game at Old Trafford doing his farewell wave at his former adored fans. I guess he was hoping for a permanent deal at that time but it didn't happen! In the end, he was not offered a permanent deal and was transferred to the noisy neighbours. After that I was neither interested to know about Tevez controversial billboard advertisement in between the Manchester borders nor anything about his dispute with Sir Alex Ferguson. All I wished for him to stay with United..

And what about the transfer of David Beckham, need I go there?? Even Beckham wasn't aware of him being sold to Real Madrid. 

Ferguson decision got more jaded he preferred fielding lazy Dimitar Berbatov in almost every game last season even when he was not at his top form, and not giving Javier Hernandez more chance when Hernandez was playing even better than him.

Many have begun to realise that Sir Alex Ferguson strange decisions and ideas were getting rather weird. His decisions of late to leave out top players during crucial games especially in the finals. Frankly, I think it is about time that he stepped down when his name is still at the top. I truly respected Sir Alex Ferguson for what he has done to Manchester United but I think he could have done it better if he had believed in other players as well.

Strange decisions or not, if it is not for Sir Alex Ferguson, Manchester United would not have become of what they are. There are always ups and downs in life for everyone. Nobody is perfect.

I will always remember him chewing his gum quickly in every game when his men under performed and someone who has contributed his life for the club that what no other manager has ever done to in any club - a true legend, a dedicated and loving football manager for Manchester United. It was also because of him that I actually become a Manchester United fanatic. Hopefully before you officially leave the club, give the best blessing you can to David Moyes.

Au Revoir, Sir Alex....you are a legend and you will be missed!!