Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Wayne Rooney...Be Gone or Not Be Gone??

Rooney keep on giving stupid excuses and has been reacting like a child lost his pacifier, he clearly does not have the heart to play for the club anymore. If he is crazy enough to move to Chelsea, good luck to him. No one should stop him. Just let this goofy go if he insists. His stinking attitude might indirectly pull the rest of the team down, psychologically.

If he desires to move to Chelsea, I hope he achieves what Torres has achieved during his time in the Stamford Bridge...transfer flop of the year 2013/14.

I hate when a player like Rooney who has everything sorted out for him in the club and eventually wants out of the club. If he wants to get out of the club, he should state his intentions clearly and get lost from the club like what Ronaldo did to United. Yes Ronaldo have said many times before he left that it was his dream to play for Real Madrid. Imagine if Ronaldo have not played for Manchester United, would Real Madrid sign him from Sporting CP?? Maybe yes maybe no, who would have known?! Now that Real Madrid president wants Ronaldo to retire at Real Madrid. So much for a player who missed Manchester United...ya right!!

If it is never about the money...go play for free then!!