Saturday, 29 June 2013

Everton Reunion in Old Trafford??

Manchester United had their £15m bid rejected for Everton's finest left back, Leighton Baines and they are coming back with a larger bid - £20m! My word....£20m for a 29 year old left back? Isn't there any younger players out there?? The U-20s World Championship & Confederation Cup are just over, I'm sure there are more than one who outshines the rest....SCOUT & SIGN THEM INSTEAD! What's wrong these clubs nowadays?! I've seen better potential, cheaper and younger players from the lower leagues crying out loud, trying to reach the big clubs to sign them.

Wouldn't it better if a rich club from the Premier League pay the lower leagues more money for their players and provide support, and encourage home grown players to perform better? This way England will always have an eclectic pool of young talents for the national squad hence making them a strong England team ahead! Although I have been living in Singapore for 35 years, I have always wanted England to lift the World Cup or at least the Euro Cup. The Premier League has an excellent range of foreign talents but I always believe that the Three Lions have the potential to be European Champions & World Champions!
Patrice Evra is rumored to leave Manchester United for Monaco AS and that could be the reason for the signing of Baines. Whatever it is, I hope Moyes is able to rotate his left future left backs, likes of Fabio and Buttner, should Baines arrives to Old Trafford. Or they'll be 2 very unhappy left backs.

Recently, there were reports of Argentinian defender Ezequiel Garay from Benfica went house hunting in Manchester. Some reliable source report that Garay could be on the verge of signing for United with growing injury worries over Vidic, Ferdinand, Smalling last season. United have failed to keep clean sheets many times throughout the season with the absence of their quality defenders. Look at the last season's last game against West Brom, what a terrible score line...5-5! It is really unfair for those who have bought the home season tickets, just to watch them play badly after winning the Premier League title.