Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Final Transfer Days Remaining..

Days passing by as the transfer window nearing to its end for this term. Manchester have yet to secure few quality central defenders and defensive midfielder. 

Will the pursuit of Arturo Vidal becomes a reality or will his Van Gaal turn his focus to Carvalho as an alternative signing? Both players are rock solid if you ask me. But if he is looking for Keano's aggressiveness + Cantona's flamboyant approach to the game and team with immediate impact, I would sign up Vidal. But if the boss wants someone really young and tough and definitely long term investment, then I suggest he sign Carvalho. Both of them have individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Whoever he chooses, he needs to do it really fast. Transfer is not the concern but the number of games wasted is rather more important. No matter how good the new signings are, everyone need time gel into the team. Some may have immediate influential into the team while others may require more game time. The Red Devils do not have such time at the moment. They need to pick up points already, no more game to waste. Fans can be patient but United need to show something in return. So let us hope that he'll sign more than one player before the transfer window closes real quick!

Great news...Bad News

WOW...really unbelievable!!! United...beaten 4-0 to a League One club?? SERIOUSLY?? MK Dons football club must be really proud of themselves. The soon as an Angel were introduced, Manchester United lost 4-0 to a League One club, MK Dons. Definitely not the kind of welcome gift Di Maria was hoping for.

What actually happened to the current United squad? Did they really turn up for the game? Well I'm not trying to say that it is not ok to lose. Manchester United match fixture got shortened for already not qualifying in the UEFA Champions League this season. They are now left with only 2 prestigious competitions - The Premier League and the FA Cup. If they were to be knocked out of the FA Cup, it'll be an empty shelf again this season. United have plenty of time to focus on their individual game plan. They don't have to travel much this season too. So what is wrong with the team?!

The players don't look happy at all. The defence were terribly shaky and looking lost most of the time. It just won't work!

Was Van Gaal really going to hard on them that the lads are breaking bad..?

Or are they going on strike? I understand that no professional individuals would want to know that they are no longer needed for the squad or not part of the program, especially from their boss. Thus, fielding the unwanted list of players. Maybe they felt like they were being used. It was no secret that Van Gaal wants to get rid most of the players but as a boss, he has to make his decision real fast. Coz the way I see it, it's not the tactics or any philosophy Van Gaal blabbering about that is having the problem. It looked like the players were unhappy. I hope Manchester United directors' & management team would be able to get it sort out and resolve this matter real soon.

Tuesday, 26 August 2014

Be Patience...United Glory Days Are Nearing...

It was no surprise that I am still shock watching United's lacklustre performance last season. It explained my disappearing act; not my blogging for some time already. Let's move on...

I sincerely apologise to those who followed me. And for those who followed, you guys knew how much I hated Ashley Young playing for Manchester United. When is this guy going to be offload? Van Gaal recently said that it would be unfair to not giving everyone a chance to prove their worth. I think Ashley Young is one of those players don't need introduction. Just watch last season video, and Van Gaal able to see his “rare” talent. I have given up hope in this guy, need not say much about him anymore. My plea to Van Gaal to not waste time with Young and play Kagawa or Janujaz instead. Although I kinda think that Janujaz is a little over-rated for all the compliments he's getting. But I believe if given more game time, then we'll see how.

Anyways...we are about to receive and welcome a DAMN GOOD NEWS SOON!! Angel Di Maria is about to be unveiled Officially as a Manchester United Player! They used to say a man's rubbish is another man's treasure well this might not be the case...Angel Di Maria is never regarded as a rubbish player. I personally sees him as somewhere in between (young-aged) Giggs and close to Cristiano Ronaldo. This guy can really turn game quick. He's fast and tricky, something United's missing since Ronaldo. He'll be a major boost for the whole team. Great build up preparation for next season Championship League. First they have to conquer the EPL which I strongly believe they can. United however still need reinforcements in central defence department and another right winger just in case Valencia lost his footings again. The names of Blind from Ajax, former Manchester City player De Jong, Fiorentina's Cuadrado, Real Madrid's Xabi Alonso and Juventus' hotshot Vidal are strongly linked to United especially during the closing transfer window period. These are the kind of players United need if they want to bring back the glory days to Old Trafford.

There is no room for error and time wasting. The Red Devil's first 2 games looked like last season's circus is happening again or even worse. Patience is the key word guys! If you look at it carefully, Van Gaal did not have the chance to utilise his real starters. Some of the key players are either out injured or lacking match fitness. But once they have gained their fitness, Manchester United is ready to steam roll yet again! With the likes of Angel Di Maria, Juan Mata, Rooney, Ander Herrera, Shaw, Marcos Rojo and other reliable players, they will be a contender again. Van Gaal should stop starting Ashley Young first eleven, lessen Tom Cleverly playing time allowing Kagawa to play and Darren Fletcher days are coming to an end. Often looked vulnerable when they were counter attacked. Evans and Smalling are never a good combination. It is always good to see the young ones are given chances. Mike Keane and Tyler Blackett are super young and they are always driven to play better football. Van Gaal should make his selection carefully. Moyes did similar by fielding his personal favourites and look what happened?!

So let us vote for Van Gaal to sell Ashley Young and let him focus what he does best as always in the field...bringing United to be Champions yet again!