Friday, 28 June 2013

Old Is Not Gold For Some Cases...

Wesley Sneijder has been given the green light to leave Galatasaray after spending only one season at the Turkish club. It is either Galatasaray refuse to renew his contract and wants to make money out of him while they still can. Or he's becoming a lousy player that they had to get of him as soon as possible. If a player is really good, any club would want to extend their best crop of players. Unless you're Alex Ferguson; reject and refuse to sign Carlos Tevez on permanent contract. Only the board of chairman from Galatasaray know the real truth. Well Good Luck, Chelsea!!

Still in Turkey, Galatasaray have had their bid turned down by Manchester United for their winger Luis Nani. I'm not too sure about the reason behind the rejection. I guess Galatasaray is offering a price of a shrimp for a price of a luxurious condo. Nani was also reported to remain uncertain about his future at Old Trafford and prefers to move to La Liga rather than moving back to his native country, Portugal. I hope Moyes gets it sorted out as soon as possible with this guy. If the new boss thinks selling Nani and get his replacement is the best option. I'm behind him 100%!!!

While I was browsing the web recently, I wanted to laugh my balls off so badly when I got to know Jose Mourinho quote that he will only return to Chelsea if he returns to the Premier League. Ya right! Does he think we're kids who know nothing?! As far as I remember, he was the only manager in the world who was insisting to be Alex Ferguson successor and the new manager for the club. Now he's going back against his own words just because Alex Ferguson chose him over David Moyes. In my opinion, that's the quote of a sore loser!

Meanwhile Portugal & UK media has reported that Manchester United are on the verge on their second signing, Benfica's defender Argentinian Ezequiel Garay. I have always thought that United need to reshuffle their defenders and try to have new set of defenders as most of the regular back four injure easily. Now it's not the time to see the loyality of a player towards a club. It is about the commitment and dedication towards daily life at the club. United are still waiting over the possibility for Cristiano Ronaldo. Ronaldo was said to have demand his current club £32m-a-year contract. If this ridiculous deal doesn't pull through, I hope he is coming back to United and retires there as well.