Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Moyes First Few Rough Steps

Life is not greener on the other side...
3 games in charged, lost to Thailand, won against Australia and recently lost again to a Japanese Club, Yokohama. Moyes is surely wetting in his pants right now or he'll be trying to play it cool by saying it is just another warm up game.

Already having his second bid rejected for Cesc Fabregas and was warned-off by Barca's club president, rumours saying that he going to bid for the third bid. Why are United still proposing to the bride who is not interested at all?! Quit it!! Quick go find other better and cheaper players before they were all snapped up instead of concentrating on one idiot who is not interested to join United! Like I have mentioned in my previous post, there are billions of amazing football talent from around the world, why only one man?! Other clubs are moving forward. I hope David Moyes utilises his younger squad and able to tap some rare talents and push them up to first team squad.

Let's see what's Moyes plan for his next game, still in Japan, against Cerezo Osaka. To me it is okay to lose in the pre-seasons as long as the whole squad benefits from the losing lesson...dig it??