Friday, 28 June 2013

The New Kit

Initially when I first looked at Manchester United Home Kit during the launch at its official website, I thought I would left as disappointed as last season home kit cum table/picnic cloth. I even asked myself why was Manchester United Official website displaying kits for match officials until I saw United's logo. Honestly after having a second look, the new kit really look good. I will most definitely get a piece for myself. I am still waiting for the away kit. I hope that it will as good as last season away kit.

Now that the Under-21 European Championship are over. Will United still get their guy Thiago Alcantara knowing that his price will definitely soar after scoring hat-trick? Will David Moyes also get the other Barca guy Cesc Fabregas? Transfer market has been slow recently. Probably, it will become active once after the transfer window opens. Sometimes I just don't understand these club manager. Why don't they just make agreement with their respective targeted player and once the transfer window re-opens, sign them officially. Why are the managers from different clubs need to wait till other clubs beginning to probe first for a player and others will try to outsmart?

Meanwhile in the United dressing room, Bebe is looking for Sporting move. I guess this guy must have given up on his chance to actually play for United after all. Kevin Strootman has his sights in the Premier League even though there were report interests from Russia and Italy clubs. However his agents has clearly states that it won't be cheap to bring him over. If he's really good, why bother about the transfer fee? But if he's an ordinary player with ordinary talent, PSV can keep his player. This is a fact! 

Nani has remain calm over his future at Old Trafford, even though he has a year left in his contract remaining. Also at the moment, there are no rich club are showing any interest in him but if there were, he would definitely be flying over in lightning flash! Seriously many of us know how good he can be and hope he's able to capture his driving form and keep himself away from the nursing room. I am sure Moyes will want him in his first eleven squad. All the best Nani!