Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Master of Puppet

Second game for United into a brand new season of the Premier League 2013/14 and to be honest I see no sign of new management, no new tactics, no new style of play – just plain old boring Fergie style of football. I began to wonder if Moyes is a reincarnation of Alex Ferguson. Or Ferguson is still managing team behind the curtains, “puppeting” Moyes?? Yes they have won one and drew one but seriously, there were no bloody improvement on the team! The club has an eclectic pool of young talent at Moyes disposals yet he is not deploying them. Even with much ball possession, United never look comfortable throughout at least 50% of the game.
Let’s start with the last game against Chelsea. United attacks were superb with Rooney pairing with RVP, tearing Chelsea’s defence, only to be shortened by the lack of creative in the midfield area. Ever so reliable Welbeck & Chicharito were always excellent covers should the front two got injured. Prior to this, It is no stranger to millions of Die-Hard United fans that United midfield are super-lacking of its killer passing, creative midfield except 2 of them – Sir Alex Ferguson & David Moyes. United has Kagawa, Zaha, Nani even Anderson and yet Moyes is using Valencia and Giggs. Valencia weren’t as good as he previously was. Not that I am asking to ignore him totally or to sell him. We all know what Valencia is capable of just make him work for his place against the likes of Nani, Zaha & Young. Give Zaha a chance to prove his worth. Zaha & Nani played well during the pre-seasons. I’m not saying that Giggs should retire, Giggsy has always been very reliable but the last match while Chelsea have began to worn out, Welbeck should be replaced by Kagawa instead of Giggs.
And why was our Kagawa not given much play time since Moyes took over? Is he not good enough in the eyes of David Moyes?! C' one in the current Everton squad has better capabilities than our fine Samurai. Or I questioned myself sometimes...has Moyes really seen what Kagawa is capable of?

Another player is Phil Jones, he is becoming more of a clown recently. Often very clumsy with his donkey passes and silly tackles. I was very excited when Phil Jones joined United. He started very well in his first season but somehow his playing style dipped. His clumsiness is somewhat similar to Mikael Silvestre. I always bet Phil Jones will be an excellent England defender but sad but true now I kind of prefer Smalling to Jones.

Rio, Vidic & Evra, in spite of their catching age, they were superb and lasted throughout 90mins. Well done lads!!

In recent conference, Moyes made a confession that lack of creativity & fine final touches cost United not to bag 3 points against Chelsea. Took him awhile to realise this. Only days away until the transfer window closes. Will Moyes really pumping in new blood? Or is he sticking with whatever he has for now?

Here are the two possibilities and probably reunion parties;

Fellaini – Young & strong Belgian with the ability to score. Good in the air. Definitely a surplus, in my opinion, of course. It’s about time they find Carrick a replacement. Carrick is becoming terrible passer of late. His tackles were as bad. Like I have said many times, to me Carrick is just an over-rated player.

Baines – We’ve already got Lightning Evra, Bad boy Buttner and Samba Kid Fabio. Unless Moyes wants him Baines in Giggs’ position, left winger.

My worries are Ashley Young who is an injury prone and Valencia, hope he can pick up where he left off 2 seasons ago.

What United need are creative midfielders. Please don’t get rejected player from Madrid or Barcelona. Manchester United Football Club is a worldwide icon with great resources and establishment. I believe United scouts team have a major task to do now if they want to find untapped young Cristiano Ronaldo, young Zidane, young Ronaldinho, young Robben, young Ribery and other youngsters like them. Someone like Santiago Munez from the movie Goal, an example of what all rich clubs should be doing – tapping young unknown talents and not from bloodsucking clubs demand for ridiculous price for their good players unless you really have the money, of course.
This is Moyes first season, I extremely suggest Moyes not to sleep at all for the next 5/6 days, put on his thinking cap and seriously consider 1 or 2 quality & creative players coz if he fails to sign any of these players, he’ll soon to realise that next season’s arm emblem will not be gold one anymore. Imagine Jose Mourinho were to be Red Devils manager, he’ll definitely be making massive changes!