Monday, 22 July 2013

Thiago, Fabregas, Bale and what's next??

Why is Manchester United Football Club, the most popular club in the world need stuck up/rejected players? Clearly Thiago was a rejected player by Barcelona. He is young yet no place in the Barca squad? Blame it on Xavi and Iniesta, c’mon guys if Thiago is really that good, Barca would never let him go even at €350m. Xavi and Iniesta are reaching to their golden ages leaving Fabregas behind.

And after the rumours of failure to pursuit for Thiago signature, United desperately wants to land Cesc Fabregas. Fabregas clearly does not want to play for United…not in a million years! And United are still trying to bid after bid for this kind of player? Makes no sense really!!
Then comes Bale, after his sad ambition to play for Real Madrid went flushed down the toilet, recently claimed that he would welcome a chance to play for United? Is United really a second choice club nowadays?? Really, really makes no sense…this pure rubbish!!!

There are SO many fishes in the ocean, why do they only want Spanish Snappers?? No, seriously there are millions of untapped talent all over the world that United should look up for and the best thing is they do not need to pay hefty price for these rare, special talents. Why couldn’t they get more players like Ronaldo?? Buttner was also another good example. To be honest, I was pretty excited when I got to know that United brought Bebe from a small club in Portugal. I began searching in YouTube for his name. After watching his video, my anticipation grows. I can’t wait to see him play. When Sir Alex fielded him the first time, yes he was very raw but not many realised that he is an uncut diamond. He has the skills, the built and definitely the looks of a killer striker. But due to not many chance were given, he was loaned out.

United don’t need to spend billions of dollars on players, they are already heavy debt why dig deeper?! If no talents could be spotted outside, this is the opportunity to raise the dead legs from the second team. We have wasted many young talents over the years and become world class individuals. Give the current young squad like Jesse Lingard, Wilfred Zaha, Adnan Januzaj and company have their chance. Let them make mistakes. Thru mistakes they will learn to play harder and better in their next games ahead.

But if Moyes insist in signing a marquee player or two, that is his tactics. I am just an ordinary yet super United fan that can do nothing about it but to continue to support Manchester United, only if you are being a true United fan!