Sunday, 1 September 2013

It's My Say On...Liverpool vs Manchester United...So Piss Off!

Saw the starting line up and all I can see, it's the typical Fergie's line-up yet again. Nani was available but Ashley Young started. Kagawa was available but Giggs was chosen. Chicharito is better than Welbeck,  but Welbeck made the cut for the team.
Honestly I am not a big fan Ashley Young. He gets excited often over the ball even when there's no one around him.
Short summary for the first half, United had couple of chances but due to damn poor corner takings and crosses especially from Young, lead the attacks to nowhere. Liverpool looked the better and I had to admit it but they deserved the lead into the half time.
Match resumes and United wonder boy, Carrick almost got himself red carded early in the 2nd half. Don't worry United faithful, Carrick will still win the Man of the Match tonight, even when he sucked like everyday.
Van Persie was having a good game so far but he was provoked by the not-so-red players. Phil Jones got injured in the first half, replaced by Valencia added spice into United's attack. If only Rooney was fit to play against his most hated club.
I can't stand a minute anymore watching Young on the field. Moyes, please replace him immediately!! The referee doesn't seem to be in favour to United, he yellow carded almost every United player. What's wrong with you, Ref?!
An hour has past, the home team looked quite comfortable so far. My prayers were answered when Young was replaced by Nani in the 62min. Nani will always be my first choice over Young. Sell Young back Aston Villa, I'm sure they missed him.
Manchester United's ball possession increased and Nani first corner taking almost lead to a goal by Giggs.
Liverpool substitute Sterling got jealous of Valencia perfect vision and nearly took his eyes off his skull.
Soon after, another prayer answered in the 72mins as old bird Giggs was taken off and replaced by Javier Hernandez...
Certainly Liverpool looked a better team than last season but only time will tell...
Nani's thundering shot in 76th minute nearly took Liverpool's goalkeeper hands off...what a chance that was!
United fans looked anxious as the match clock's ticking...could this be United's first lost of the season or...
Coutinho had a good game, got replaced by Luis Alberto in the 83rd min.
Van Persie nearly equalised from Hernandez pass...oh what a miss?! Attacks after attacks came in and still Liverpool leading. Free kick awarded after Cleverly was taken down heavily by Agger. RVP stood in front of the ball...yet no equalise. Liverpool were surprisingly strong to the end and with the help of referee on their side. 5 additional minutes into the injury time. No chance now...
Congratulation on your first lost, Moyes! Let's be stingy and not sign any players while other clubs are improving, Manchester United are digging themselves deeper into their own grave!!! Don't forget to carry on with your trash talking on new players!