Friday, 28 June 2013

New Boss On The Block - David Moyes

Days after Sir Alex Ferguson last game, David Moyes was named the new manager for Manchester United Football Club with a 6 years contract beginning 1st July 2013 and he’s already beginning with his transfer preparations. 

Here's a profile of the new boss;

David William Moyes was born on 25th April 1963 in Scotland. During his younger days, he has played for numerous clubs before turning himself as player-coach to player/assistant manager at Preston North End, and eventually ending his playing career.

On a bright side he has the playing experience thus making it easy for him to understand a player’s thought. On the other side, where the grass is not greener and the sky is darker, the former Everton manager has not won any silverware yet…HAH!! But with the club like Manchester United reputable and financial support, he should be getting all the support he can get and is expected to win silverware throughout his career at Old Trafford. He has raised eyebrows in recent season with his ability to turned Everton into a top  six material squad. David Moyes has to do a lot more, now that he is undertaking Manchester United.

Manchester United are already at the top with the elite team along with other Premier League big clubs such as Liverpool, Chelsea and Spain Barcelona, Real Madrid, German Bayern Munich. Moyes task now is to make sure that the squad he is building shall maintain its current standard or make them a better team. I hope Moyes will be given all the support he can get to get the right men for his squad.

Initially I was quite surprised by the news that David Moyes was chosen as the new manager for Manchester United. I never thought that the “Special One – Jose Mourinho” would be given a miss. Mourinho was so determined to take over the role as a Manchester United manager. He spoke and hinted about it for quite a number of times. Anyway, I guess the former boss, Sir Alex, has his own ideas and preference of his replacement. David Moyes need to win the hearts of United fans quickly as there were already reports from the news of some unfaithful who want him out. Jose Mourinho recently suddenly said that United was never his destination after Real Madrid...yeah right!!

Anyway, it is really unfair to judge the new boss before the beginning of the new season. I have been told of an old rumour from an old relative of mine that even the maestro himself Sir Alex Ferguson was almost sacked, during his early days, for his under-achieving performance as the club manager. But with his determination and perseverance, he won matches after matches as beat Manchester United Football Club is the world most popular sports club. The best part is when he did it without the help from an oil tycoon or a wealthy Sheikh who doesn't know what to do with their money.

I say let’s have some confidence in this new boss, give him a chance to prove himself.

New recruit from Crystal Palace - Wilfred Zaha is already on his way to Old Trafford. There are few vulture waiting for the club to loan him out. I doubt Moyes would want to loan him with United needing the numbers in midfield for the upcoming new season challenge.

The possibilities of pumping-in new blood at the ready cash expense from the likely exit Wayne Rooney of somewhere around £30m. I hope he doesn't!

Moyes beloved Marouane Fellaini just can’t part with his former manager.

Moyes suggested that Barca’s reject 22 years old Thiago is expected to replace legend Paul Scholes.

With David Moyes - younger manager, newer strategy, stronger drive and full steam ahead the new 13/14 season!