Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Great news...Bad News

WOW...really unbelievable!!! United...beaten 4-0 to a League One club?? SERIOUSLY?? MK Dons football club must be really proud of themselves. The soon as an Angel were introduced, Manchester United lost 4-0 to a League One club, MK Dons. Definitely not the kind of welcome gift Di Maria was hoping for.

What actually happened to the current United squad? Did they really turn up for the game? Well I'm not trying to say that it is not ok to lose. Manchester United match fixture got shortened for already not qualifying in the UEFA Champions League this season. They are now left with only 2 prestigious competitions - The Premier League and the FA Cup. If they were to be knocked out of the FA Cup, it'll be an empty shelf again this season. United have plenty of time to focus on their individual game plan. They don't have to travel much this season too. So what is wrong with the team?!

The players don't look happy at all. The defence were terribly shaky and looking lost most of the time. It just won't work!

Was Van Gaal really going to hard on them that the lads are breaking bad..?

Or are they going on strike? I understand that no professional individuals would want to know that they are no longer needed for the squad or not part of the program, especially from their boss. Thus, fielding the unwanted list of players. Maybe they felt like they were being used. It was no secret that Van Gaal wants to get rid most of the players but as a boss, he has to make his decision real fast. Coz the way I see it, it's not the tactics or any philosophy Van Gaal blabbering about that is having the problem. It looked like the players were unhappy. I hope Manchester United directors' & management team would be able to get it sort out and resolve this matter real soon.