Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Final Transfer Days Remaining..

Days passing by as the transfer window nearing to its end for this term. Manchester have yet to secure few quality central defenders and defensive midfielder. 

Will the pursuit of Arturo Vidal becomes a reality or will his Van Gaal turn his focus to Carvalho as an alternative signing? Both players are rock solid if you ask me. But if he is looking for Keano's aggressiveness + Cantona's flamboyant approach to the game and team with immediate impact, I would sign up Vidal. But if the boss wants someone really young and tough and definitely long term investment, then I suggest he sign Carvalho. Both of them have individual strengths and weaknesses. 

Whoever he chooses, he needs to do it really fast. Transfer is not the concern but the number of games wasted is rather more important. No matter how good the new signings are, everyone need time gel into the team. Some may have immediate influential into the team while others may require more game time. The Red Devils do not have such time at the moment. They need to pick up points already, no more game to waste. Fans can be patient but United need to show something in return. So let us hope that he'll sign more than one player before the transfer window closes real quick!